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Console Switch not responding!!

Occasional Contributor

Console Switch not responding!!

Have posted this already in the Networking / Switch forum, but no-one has been able to help;

I have been having problems with a 1x1x16 IP Console Switch;

I can use it OK physically, but when I try to either add it from a PC using IP Console Viewer and I specify its IP address, I get a 'switch not found on the network' error -

If the switch was already added in the viewer and I try to manage it, I get a "The Console Switch did not respond within the expected time period."

If I recycle power to the switch, everything comes back to normal, but after a few days I same happens again!

It is also interesting that if I try to add the Console Switch by selecting it as a 3x1x16, Console Viewer says that a reply was received by the specified IP Address, but it was not a 3x1x16 switch -

While at the same time when trying to add it as an 1x1x16, the Console Viewer decides that no console switch was found!

IP Console Viewer:
IP Console Switch Firmware: 3.0.11A

Any ideas?