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Consumer Licenses?

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Consumer Licenses?

I'm just a guy, who bought a DL360p G8 refurbished server.

I would like to install the HPE ESXi Image on the server but from what I ascertain there will be an enterprise license activation required.

But I'm just a guy, I don't own an enterprise or a company for that matter. 

What are my activation options?


Re: Consumer Licenses?

You can download the ESXi free version.  Basically you can try the full version of VMware 6.5 for the 30 day trial.  Then you just let the features expire and you can use the free version.  There is no charge for this.  I use it on all of my systems.  The link to download it is  The only real difference is that you can't use a vCenter server (which has the ability to control multiple VMware hosts from one login).   You ahve to log into each of your servers individually so that you can manage the systems on them.

Trent Smith