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Convert Proliant 3000 rack to tower?

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Occasional Advisor

Convert Proliant 3000 rack to tower?

I've got a Proliant 3000 that I recently got running as a NAS file server. I was wondering what parts I'd need to convert it from a rack configuration to a tower one. I'm thinking I'd need a front bezel, caster rails and casters at a minimum. But what else am I missing?

Once I have a parts list, does anyone know good sources for parts? I've been watching ebay and not seeing much. Searching on part numbers yields vendors with refurb parts that are way overpriced -like $200 4gb scsi drives.

Any help would be great.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Convert Proliant 3000 rack to tower?

probably you need side panel too, check by parts catalogue
also at SW2 - System Maintenance Switch Settings Switch 3 set to OFF

for other〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179911&taskId=101&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=254910


used part resale
or dealer

Louis Henninger_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Convert Proliant 3000 rack to tower?

From what I see, you need to find...

298364-001 Side Panel
327835-001 Top Cover& U Channel Cover
298360-001 Front Door Assy
298361-001 Front Bezel Assy
296227-001 Locking Casters (don't
know if they come as a set of 4)
330485-001 Caster Mounting Rails order 2

Front Display can rotate to be "right-side up" after conversion.

Good Luck,

Occasional Visitor

Re: Convert Proliant 3000 rack to tower?

Good luck on that.
I myself am looking to convert our old Proliant 3000 FROM Tower (including the original locking casters) TO Rack mount.
Dan Shifley
Occasional Visitor

Re: Convert Proliant 3000 rack to tower?

I may have what you need. I came across several each rack and tower Compaq Proliant 3000. I ma in the process of sorting out what we received. If you know what you need let email @

The servers we got are wiped. Are you guys using Linux or MS for your setups?