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Cooling air flow in Proliant 5000

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Cooling air flow in Proliant 5000

I just got a 212 cpu failt error code, and I replace a new cpu in my server.
I clean the dust inside too, but I forget how to put the rear fan back correctly.

Which direction is the original air flow direction?? blow to CPU??? or blow out the case?
the fan is the rear one attach on case.
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Re: Cooling air flow in Proliant 5000

that fan called "System Fan with Board Guide" part No. 221077-001

another question: what will cause the 212 CPU error??
Overheat??? Quad Ppro 200mhz are quit that normal??
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Re: Cooling air flow in Proliant 5000

Hi yeric,

Air flow is from the front of server (cool air) to the back (exhaust -warm air) on all Proliants, so your fan should blow air out the back of the chassis.

Also, if you have a 212 processor error you have to enter the System Configuration Utility (SCU) via F10 or boot the Smartstart CD to clear this error.

This is a CRITICAL error which has to be acknowledged in the SCU.

If you replace the CPU and don't clear the error, you will still get a 212 processor error. It could have been anything that caused this 212 error however a common problem with the Proliant 5000 was bad contacts on the VRM's associated with each CPU. Remove the VRM's and clean the gold contacts. This might help.