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Hi experts
On one of my server i have below config

Processor speed:2400 Mhz
Execution Technology: 10/10 cores, 20 threads
Memory Technology: 64bit capable
Internal L1 cache 320KB
Internal L2 cache 2560KB
Internal L3 cache 30720KB

In the same way i have another 3 Processors with same configuration.(Processor2,Processor3,Processor4)
I was asked below two questions plz guide me
Total Number of sockets per Node: 4 processors, 10 cores per processor so total number of sockets per node = 4*10=40 is this right answer?
Number of physical cores per Socket: ?

i have a question for myself, i see 20 threads, with hyperthreading how many cores will i get.
i am confused what is what


Re: Cores/Sockets


Node is a computer/server.
Socket is a physical processor slot.
Core is a independent central processing units in a single computing component.

If your server has four physical processors/sockets then:
Total Number of Sockets per Node: 4 Sockets/Node
Number of physical cores per Socket: 10

For more information.

Thank You!

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