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Corrupted AD due to HDD failure

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Corrupted AD due to HDD failure


(Posting as adviced by a HP Server Expert @ Spiceworks)

I have a DC and it the only DC I have. Recently I noticed an issue with AD. I have getting an error as in attached file. I can also see and exclamation mark in Users Folder under Active Directory for Users and Computers. The only possible issue I could remember which could have caused this is due to damaged SAS in Raid. I use RAID 5 and replaced faulty SAS HDD couple of times. But I could add / modify or delete any users

Since I have only One DC , I am afraid I will end up in desolation one day. I have tried couple of things already. I have taken the backup and restored in a different Server of similar Model. But this error is also restored in there. I have tried to restore back Same Server after re installing Windows Server. But issue still exists. I have now purchased a new Server HP Proliant DL 380 G9.

I have attached all event viewer files during 

How should I go forward ... ?

1) Can I resolve this issue in this server ? (Weeks of Google Search says not possible)

2) Should I again try restore AD in New Server 

3) Should I Install New Server and enable replication ? Will this Work ? I am seeing some error already in EV for replication ?

4) Should I just buid a New Server Totally from Scratch. ( Build everything from Zero :( ... 

Fingers Crossed ...


Re: Corrupted AD due to HDD failure



I am not an Expert in Active Directory.


We need the following information to diagnose HP Hardware.

  • What is the server model, Smart Array Controller and its Cache.
  • What is the Hard Drive model/size and in which Raid.


If possible please provide the Array Diagnostic Logs.

If you want to log a support case with HP, then please keep the AHS log ready for Gen8/Gen9 server.



Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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