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Could anyone please tell me if this price is about right?

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Could anyone please tell me if this price is about right?

I have been givne a quote for a server, and have tried to look up prices on-line to make sure it's not over the odds, but haven't been able to get a close comparison - could someone please let me know if they think this is in the right ball park?

It's a HP DL380 Gen9 rack server with 24 Bays, 8 of which will have 1.2TB HDD in - the other 16 will be left empty for future growth. 128Gb RAM and Dual 8 core processors (although I don't know the speed) . we've been quoted around £10,000

Many thanks in advance!

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Re: Could anyone please tell me if this price is about right?

Hard to say...without knowing exact parts/options included (as example: which type of disks/drives? there are up to 5 differents 1.2TB drive types listed here).

That configuration looks powerful (Dual eight cores Intel Xeon E5, a lot of Memory and big - probably SAS - drives).

Then, as example, which exact HP Smart Array controller will be offered to be part of the Server?

I suggest you to familiarize with HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 QuickSpecs here, that's just to learn how many options and combinations a Server can be equipped with (and discover different configurations too).

Start always your journey at your product official web page here.

As a reference...consider that an HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 equipped with:

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2650v3 with 10 cores each one
  • 32GB (2x16GB) DIMMs 2133MHz
  • 8 drives cage for SFF (Small Form Factor) drives
  • HP Smart Array P440ar/2G
  • SATA DVD-RW optical drive
  • 4 ports 1GbE NIC
  • Dual 800W Power Supply
  • Diskless

can easily reach a (Reseller) price of 4,5k Euro (VAT excluded), this near you...Italy (EU) about 4k GBP, actually.

Don't know IF the 6k GBP difference can be explained with Drives and Memory DIMMs costs (or any other part you didn't listed) but with few other details and simple algebraic calculations you can - at least - compute a reasonable Reseller price (VAT excluded), add to that price the reseller margin (20%?) and you're done.

Drives (consider that a single HP 1.2TB 6G SAS 10k RPM SFF 2,5" SC Dual Port - Part Number: 718162-B21 - will costs about 300/350 Euro, VAT excluded) and Memory DIMMs (consider that a single HP 16GB Dual Rank DDR4 2133 MHz CAS 15-15-15 Registered memory DIMM - Part Number: 726719-B21 - will costs about 150 Euro, VAT excluded) will both add a sensible amount of Euros to that diskless Server's "base configuration" [*] (yet not cheap) price.

[*] which should be identified by the Product Number 752689-B21.