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Could not translate POST error


Could not translate POST error



On some of the DL servers here I see the following post error


Could not translate POST error


When I log on to the server I do not see anything obviously wrong, checking system management homepage and the IML does not show anything.  I see a info event straight after the error but not sure ifs related to the error.


I'm sure the server can display other POST errors.


Has anyone else come across this?  Is it something that can be safely ignored?


Re: Could not translate POST error



Where do you see this error message, is it at POST or IML Log or SMH or WBEM?

Have you checked the IML for any ASR or Blue Screen messages?


By the way what is the server model and operating system on it.



Accept or Kudo


Re: Could not translate POST error

Sorry about the late reply, I had clicked on the RSS feed link to keep me updated of any new posts but obviously had not worked.


This happens on POST, after a reboot for whatever reason.  It happens on a range of servers which all have W2K3 running but the OS should not matter as during post the OS is not in the picture in my understanding.


There is nothing in the IML when opening SMH all components are OK.


The servers can generate regular POST messages but every so often come across this could not translate message.  I give the answer of not being a serious message to those around me as I prove to them that everything is working fine but I don't have that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing what exactly is going on!