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Crashdump procedure for SAN boot blade server

Glen Strong
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Crashdump procedure for SAN boot blade server

I am wanting to find out the correct process for performing a crashdump of a HP Blade server running Windows Server 2003. The server is accessible via ILO. We have tried to send the CTRL-ScrollLock-ScrollLock command, and crashdump via ilo command line but this fails. Any suggestions?
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Re: Crashdump procedure for SAN boot blade server

Hi Glen,

Please see attached file for the configuration of the shortcut key

Systems running Microsoft Windows 2000 or 2003 experience a blue screen trap when the operating system crashes. When this happens, Microsoft recommends that system administrators perform an NMI event by pressing a dump switch. The NMI event allows a hung system to become responsive.

The ProLiant BL30p server blade is equipped with an NMI switch that, when pushed, performs a memory dump before performing a hard reset.

In an operating system such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003, we can set one small piece of the NMI ISR. We can tell the system to create a dump of physical memory when an NMI is received. While this doesn't fix any real problems, it does allow us to look at a snapshot of what was being processed when our system became unresponsive.

Hope this information helps !!!!!