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Creating Dos Boot Disk

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Creating Dos Boot Disk

I am using Norton Ghost 6.01 to image this server using multicast option, so I have to create a boot disk with the network card this server is using. The Server is using the network card " compaq netelligent 10/100 Tx PCI UTP controller NIC / embedded UTP/AUI controller". After creating the boot disk when I want to start my server for imaging I get so many messages for the network card :
Error: Unable to locate the PCI LAN Adapter.
The following are possible causes:
1. The system may not support the PCI bus.
2. The PCI adapter may not be properly installed in a slot.
3. Some of the PCI adapter resources in configuration space may be
Unable to bind
some time no entry in the protocol.ini etc. are the messages, I tried
to download all the related drivers but none of them are working. I
am trying to create the boot disk with NDIS driver since no packet
driver is available. Can you please help me out how to go about
creating a multicast boot disk to boot that server and do the
multicast imaging. Is there any other option by which we can do this

Thanks for the help
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