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Creating Logical Drives for ESX?

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Creating Logical Drives for ESX?

Haven't used an HP SmartArray for ages and have a question:

With our existing FC SAN I create disk pools from physical drives, and from a disk pool I create a LUN that gets allocated to a server.

Now, if I have a Proliant server containing say 14x1tb spindles and a recent SmartArray controller (haven't looked in depth at models yet), and I want to have a single physical Hardware RAID10, but I want to run ESX on the box so have the 2tb per LUN limit to contend with, can I create a single physical RAID10 and then 3 logical volumes using the SmartArray "BIOS" level config?

I believe it can be done from the ACU utility within Windows, but not sure where I stand with ESX/ESXi.