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DAT 40x6 not detected

cesarino zanni
Occasional Visitor

DAT 40x6 not detected

I have a ProLiant ML350 G3 with Compaq 64-Bit/66MHz Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter.
I connected 2 dat hp 40x6 to the external connector, but no one library was detected. It detected the dats as C5713A (sigle drive).
At sturtup the Adaptec scsi doesen't show the library but only the drive.
Could someone help me?
Cesare Zanni
Honored Contributor

Re: DAT 40x6 not detected

Hi Cesare,

Please check the switch settings on the rear of the tape units, particularly the OPTION setting. (I have attached an image which should explain things better).

The DAT 40-6 uses a single SCSI ID for unit and multiple LUN's. LUN0 is the drive and LUN1 is the changer.
(See the image again for this -at the bottom)
Your card has to support multiple LUN's to see the changer however the Compaq 64bit/66Mhz card is based on the Adaptec 39160 only with HP BIOS and should be OK. One other thing is that the bus scan at power on may only display devices with LUN0 so you might only see the drive due to this, but it isn't a fault.

Windows 2000, if you are using it, should be able to control the unit. You may need the Removeable Storage Service enabled. Veritas Backup Exec and Arcserve should see it OK as well.

There are some further tricks you can try with the SCSI card but check the settings first, especially the OPTION one which should be 7 for PC based systems.

I hope this helps.

cesarino zanni
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Re: DAT 40x6 not detected

Hi Brain,
thank you for your help.
Unfortunaly I forgot to mention that these two devives were already connect at previous server (HP E800 Netserver with W2K).
Now I Tried to use the new server ML350 G3 with Win2003 preinstalled.
So I check the devices Id: first is SCSI=4 AUTOLOADER=7 and the second is SCSI=6 AUTOLOADER=7.
At start only the devices are detected.
Also HP Library Tape and tools identify the devices as C5713A. So I suppose that the BIOS can't detect the AUTOLODER option.
On previous server I used BACKUPEXEC 9 now I installed BACKUPEXEC 9.1 but obiously it doesn't detect any library options.
Please find herewith a ZIP file with 2 screenshot of my computer resorces.
Thanks agin for your help.
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Re: DAT 40x6 not detected


I believe that the problem is caused by the fact that by default the "BIOS Multiple LUN Support" setting is set to NO on both channels.

Unfortunately with the HP BIOS it is not possible to correct this as the only choices you get at POST using F8 do not include this setting.

Please contact me at and I can provide a workaround for this unless you wish to replace the card with an alternative which does support multiple lun.