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DAT Problems

Con Karay
Occasional Visitor

DAT Problems

I'm trying to setup an ML 370 G3 with a Smart Array 641 with 3 HDs in RAID 5 and a 20/40 DDS4 HP DAT on the intergrated SCSI ports.
The problem is that with the Smart Array in place I can't see the DAT drive corectly.All it finds are 8 diferent IDs (0-7)but no DAT.
If I remove the Smart Array card the DAT is there and all is OK.
Any advice-ANY- is acceptable....
Jorge Pons
Trusted Contributor

Re: DAT Problems


First, you mustn,t plug DAT in Smart Array. This type of SCSI Controller is usually for disk with any type of redundancy.
You must plug on any SCSI Controller. Adaptec 29160 is a good option