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DAT+ Proliant dl380

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DAT+ Proliant dl380

I post because I need some help to configure my StorageWorks DAT 72 on my server DL 380 G5.

Below all technical information:

DAT= StorageWorks DAT 72 (Q1522B)
Server+SCSI card= DL 380 G5 (417458-371)+ HP SC11Xe (412911-B21)
O.S.= Linux 2.6.9-34.ELsmp

The DAT is connected on the server using the card HP SC11Xe.
I switched-on the tape after the server booted up and I’m not able to configure it. Neither in /dev nor in /var/log/dmesg I can find something about a st* dev:
[root@dblsmsc1 ~]# ll /dev/st*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 May 9 17:45 /dev/stderr -> /proc/self/fd/2
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 May 9 17:45 /dev/stdin -> /proc/self/fd/0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 May 9 17:45 /dev/stdout -> /proc/self/fd/1

[root@dblsmsc1 ~]# less /var/log/dmesg | grep st0
[root@dblsmsc1 ~]#

I loaded the module that manages the st SCSI drivers:
[root@dblsmsc1 ~]# modprobe st
[root@dblsmsc1 ~]# lsmod | grep st
st 40157 0
scsi_mod 116941 8 st,sg,ide_scsi,mptspi,mptsas,cciss,mptscsih,sd_mod

But unfortunately I get always the same error:
[root@dblsmsc1 ~]# cat /proc/scsi/scsi
Attached devices:
[root@dblsmsc1 ~]#

Any ideas? May-be do I have only to reboot the server? I hope not…

Occasional Contributor

Re: DAT+ Proliant dl380

Hi all,

I rebooted the server and after that I was able to see the DAT.