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DCU Prefetch on DL360G6

Occasional Contributor

DCU Prefetch on DL360G6

I'm trying to turn off DCU Prefetch and Data Reuse on a DL360 G6 as per the following advisory...

I've followed the instructions and the final stage, when you load the edited conrep.dat file tells me that DCU_Prefetcher and Data_Reuse are unsupported keywords.

I have the latest BIOS installed and although this doesn't allow you to disable these features in the RBSU it should allow me to use the method described using the SmartStart scripting tool.

Any ideas?

As a bit of background, we are having a problem with some financial software that does intensive calculations which fails to complete the jobs with one version of the software, and completes the jobs very slowly with another version of the software. This only happens on the G6.