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DIMM compatibility in Proliant DL120 G6


DIMM compatibility in Proliant DL120 G6



I have tried to install 4 x 2GB Kingston KTH-PL313S/2G DIMMs to a Proliant DL120 G6 which already has 2 x 2GB Hynix PC3-10600E-9-10-E0 DIMMs (HP part number: 500209-061), but I found that the machine does not boot anymore, although it does not have any problem to boot if only the Kingston or Hynix DIMMs are installed. I guess that this means that both types of memory are incompatible, aren't they? Does any body knows if there is any Kingston memory that is compatible with the Hynix or should I just replace the two original DIMMs and install 6 Kingston's?

Apologies if this is something that has been answered somewhere else but I could not find it.



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Re: DIMM compatibility in Proliant DL120 G6

Aside for the fact that HP does not support configurations with 3rd party memory the main issue you ran into is the HP memory that was installed is UDIMMs - unregistered and the Kingston memory you installed was Registered. Those two will never work, you cannot mix Registers and Unregistered memory.

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Re: DIMM compatibility in Proliant DL120 G6



Actuall the answer lies in your query. You cannot use two different types of DIMM on the server.


You have to install the same type of the DIMM.


Please refer the link provided below in order to check the memory rules for the server:




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Re: DIMM compatibility in Proliant DL120 G6

Thanks for your answer. You are right saying that the Hynix memory is of unregistered type, I realized of this now, however, although I did not mentioned it in my previous message, I also tried the unregistered Kingston KTH-PL313E/2G modules with the same result. Looking at HP memory compatibility tech notes, it says


"What makes memory compatible? For purposes of this document, compatibility is defined as functional equivalency. The minimum requirements for functional equivalency are size, speed, and configuration. If any of these three parameters differ between two DIMMs, then the DIMMs are incompatible. For example, a 2GB memory module built with 1GB parts is not compatible with a 2GB memory module built with 512MB parts. In addition, a PC2100 DIMM is not compatible with a PC2700 DIMM, even if size and configuration are the same."


so the problem might also be related to different configurations of the Hynix and Kingston DIMMs.


Although HP might not support configurations with 3rd party memory, it looks like the Kingston DIMMs work just fine when they are the only ones installed, therefore I guess that the easiest thing to do is to remove the original Hynix memory and put two additional Kingston DIMMs, is that right?