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DL 120 G5 RAM: Strange factory configuration

Linus Ruth
Occasional Advisor

DL 120 G5 RAM: Strange factory configuration

We ordered this beast with 4GB of RAM. It came from the factory with the following:

DIMM_CH1_C -- 2GB Micron
DIMM_CH1_A -- 1GB Micron
DIMM_CH2_D -- empty
DIMM_CH2_B -- 1GB Elpida

Here's what the documentation has to say about RAM installation:

"Supported DIMM configurations include:

Single DIMM (non-interleaving) -- It must be installed in the DIMM_CH1_A slot.

Two DIMMs (interleaving) -- Populate DIMM slots DIMM_CH1_A and DIMM_CH2_B.

Four DIMMs -- For optimum performance, the amount of memory in channel 1 should be equal to the amount in channel 2."

I expected that the unit would have been shipped with either four 1GB DIMMS, or else two 2GB DIMMs, but not the funky mix that it has. Should I be concerned that the unit came from the factory with an unsupported RAM configuration or am I just being overly pedantic?

Thanks for your input.
juan quesada
Respected Contributor

Re: DL 120 G5 RAM: Strange factory configuration


Memory from hp have fixes to enhanced performance and functionality with the server, also consider that if you have any problem with the server hp may deny service because of third party HW in the server, they will help you until you remove the third party memory (and you will have none, not being able to boot) also consider the fact that is better to have memory interleaving so 4x 1gb sticks of ram is better than what you received