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DL 120 G5 iscsi boot

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DL 120 G5 iscsi boot



im searching how to configure the dl 120 g5 to boot from iscsi drive. I cant find any document that help or section in bios for configure something about iscsi.


The server is empty of hard drive because i want to use only the iscsi drive. 

Im start to think that i need a special network adapter or something like that. Anyone can help me with this issue?


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Re: DL 120 G5 iscsi boot

There is no useful information on this link

Jimmy Vance

Re: DL 120 G5 iscsi boot

This thread is over three years old, unfortunately with the company separation some links in the forums are no longer valid. 

If for whatever reason you can't use the embedded NIC as an iSCSI software initiator, you will need to install an iSCSI HBA

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