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DL 140G3 rhel4 ipmi stops working

Occasional Advisor

DL 140G3 rhel4 ipmi stops working


We have a DL 140G3 system where ipmi stops working after a random uptime, at most 7 days.

/usr/sbin/ipmiutil sensor -s
ipmiutil ver 2.2
sensor: version 2.2
Cannot open an IPMI driver: /dev/imb, /dev/ipmi0, /dev/ipmi/0,
/dev/ipmikcs, /dev/ipmi/kcs, libfreeipmi, or ldipmi.
sensor: cannot open IPMI driver

A reboot fixes the problem for a while, but then it happens again.

When the problem occurs loading ipmi related kernel modules also hangs.

This systems motherboard has already been replaced once for other reason but the problem persists.

Please advise.