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DL 160 G5 Memory upgrade

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DL 160 G5 Memory upgrade

I have a DL 160 G5 with 8 x 512MB Dimms.

I have two 4GB Dimms to add. I am going to remove two of the 512MB Dimms.

1) Do the memory pairs go in the first and third slot, fifth and seventh, second and fourth and sixth and eighth slots?

2) With mixed size sets of pairs, is their a preferred place for the larger Dimms to be installed, for instance, in the first and third slots?
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Re: DL 160 G5 Memory upgrade

1) dl160g5 Supports up to 64 GB of PC2-5300 (DDR2-667) and up to 32 GB of PC2-6400 (DDR2-800) fully buffered DIMMs (DDR2-667) with Advanced ECC,so you must check your memory's spec first.
2)Memory should be installed in pairs and matched for optimum performance.
3) dl160g5 have 8 dimm,if you want add two 4g dimm, you can only use 6*512MB and 2*4g dimmï¼ you can insert dimm a pair of 1ã 3ï¼ 2ã 4 or 5ã 7ï¼ 6ã 8