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DL 160 Not Recognizing Drives

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DL 160 Not Recognizing Drives

I bought 2 New HP DL 160 Servers Mfg Part# 830574-S01,  a set of 4qty 2TB SATA Hot Plug Drives and another set of 8qty 1TB Hot Plug Drives.  One of the servers configured seamlessly with 4qty 2TB Drives but the other would not recognize the 1TB Drives. I swapped one set of 4 drives with another set and yet the problem persists.  

The array controller shows that there are no physical drives attached when all the drive banks actually have a drive in each bank.  The LED on the drives is solid Amber.  I performed the following steps as advised by HP but didn't make any progress:
Press F9 during the startup process to access the UEFI System Utilities.
In the Systems Configuration menu, select BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > System Options > SATA Controller Options > Embedded SATA Configuration > Enable HP Dynamic Smart Array RAID support.
Press F10 to save the configuration.
Reboot the server.
I am particularly concerned about the following from the RAID Diagnostic Report:
Dynamic Smart Array B140i in slot 0b : Internal Drive Cage at Port 2I : Box 1 : Sense Bus Parameters

Peripheral Type 0x00
RMB 0x00
Versions 0x00
Misc 0x00
Additional Length 0x00
Support Bits 0x00
Vendor ID empty
Product ID empty
Product Revision empty
Inquiry Valid 0x00
Installed Drive Map 0x00000000
Hot Plug Count All Zeroes (32 x [0x0000])
Physical Box 1 (0x01)
Alarm Status 0x00
Temp Status 0x00
Valid Alarm Bits 0x00
Alarm Count 0 (0x0000)
Specific Alarm Counts All Zeroes (8 x [0x0000])
Connection Flags 0x8002
Position Connection Flag Status
-------- ------------------------------------ -------------
1 Internal Connector Is Used Informational
15 Box Failure Due To Primary Io Module Critical 
I have run out of options short of entirely replacing Server.  Please advise if there is/are things that I missed and can do to get the server working immediately.
I have uploaded both the Diagnostic report and pictures to for references.
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Re: DL 160 Not Recognizing Drives

I have that problem too,

Do you fix that?