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DL 180G6 Intregrated log view

Gonçalo Cortes
Occasional Visitor

DL 180G6 Intregrated log view

Hello i have a DL180 G6 with Win2008 R2 and psp 8.50

I cannot open the integrated log viewer, i receive the following error:
"The Requested machine is not running the HP Proliant remote monitor service, or it can´t be found on the network"

I manually install the service and no success.

"Either the driver does not support the Integrated management log or there is no integrated management log in this system.

Any ideas?
Thank you
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 180G6 Intregrated log view

ProLiant 100 series have an IPMI Baseboard Management Controller and not the iLO/System Management Controller featured in ProLiant 300 and above and therefore don't have the same management features such as the IML. Instead, you will want to view the IPMI System Event Log using something like ipmitool.
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Re: DL 180G6 Intregrated log view

The PSPs do not directly apply to 100-series ProLiants.

The event logs for these machines can be viewed in ROM-based Setup at boot time, or via the LO100 management interface.