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DL 185 - "RAID Controller" in Device Manager

Tess McCormick
Occasional Visitor

DL 185 - "RAID Controller" in Device Manager

I have a DL185 and P400 installed. The OS is W2k3 R2 32bit, though the processor is a 64bit.

When I look in Device Manager, I still have a yellow question mark:
Other Device
-->Raid controller

I have tried a TON of drivers for this. I also installed Server 2003 by Pressing F6 and installing the driver from CP009649 via floppy (this appeared successful during OS install, but once loaded the RAID controller still showed as missing).

Please help!
Tess McCormick
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL 185 - "RAID Controller" in Device Manager

In case anybody else has this issue, I discovered the resolution to it minutes after posting this request (after spending days on it, of course).

After posting, I went through all the CDâ s that came with the server again. I took a look at the â Documentationâ CD on the off chance it had a note about this issue â it has a DRIVERS folder on it!

The very first one I tried let me load it from the Device Manager. I canâ t believe how much time I spent on this and it was right there two feet from the server the whole time!

But itâ s done! Woo Hoo! It shows up as â Broadcom HT1000 SATA Controller.â

On the CD it was under:
-->SATA Controller