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DL 360 (800/133 MHz) and Windows 2003


DL 360 (800/133 MHz) and Windows 2003

Cannot get WIndows 2003 to load on a DL360 after running the Manual Installation of Smart Start....

Using version 5.30 of SmartStart.
It just hangs at Starting WIndows Setup

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 360 (800/133 MHz) and Windows 2003

Hello Deryl,
This is because Support for W2K03 was not available when 5.30 came out. Some incompatible driver got loaded on the system that's why you are having problems. If you want to do the manual installation then use the system configuration utility from the following link:

Please make sure that the Software selection in the BIOS is proper. The link I gave to you has Software-System Management Category which has system configuration Utility download there.


Re: DL 360 (800/133 MHz) and Windows 2003

Thank you very much for the info but I think I figured it out...

I used the same 5.30 smartstart but this time when I chose Manual configuration I did not choose "Other" for OS but I chose Windows 2000 server and I was able to get past the Windows Starting Up problem.

Once I install the OS I will download and apply the 7.0 Support Pak software.