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DL 360 G3 Migrate from Raid 0 to 0+1

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Dave Onex
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DL 360 G3 Migrate from Raid 0 to 0+1

Hi Folks;

I have a DL360 G3 on Windows 2000 AdvSrvr. It has (2) 36 gig drives installed as a RAID 0 array.

I'd like to migrate it to Raid 0+1. I have the Smart 5i+ option installed.

When I go into the array configuration utility I cannot an option to migrate from Raid 0 to 0+1. Is this not possible?




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Best & thanks!
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 360 G3 Migrate from Raid 0 to 0+1

Hi Marvelous :-)

you can't migrate from a 2 disk raid 0 to a 2 disk raid 0/1 simply because the capacity of data stored on your raid0 now is 2* 36 GByte and if you have a 2 disk raid0/1, the max capacity is only 36 GByte.

This has nothing to do with the effective user data that resides on the disks, the Array controller is not even aware of user data, so even with empty disks (nu user data) this is still the same issue.

So the only way a migration would be possible is when you have the possibility to add two more disks and then migrate fom a 2 disk raid0 to a 4 disk raid 0/1. For this you need 4 disk slots in total which i believe the older dl360 g3 does not have but i.e. a dl380 does.

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Re: DL 360 G3 Migrate from Raid 0 to 0+1

I'm fairly certain that the DL380-G3 has six HDD slots in the front. To migrate from RAID-0 to RAID-1+0 you need a minimum of 4 drives as noted in the previous reply.
Dave Onex
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL 360 G3 Migrate from Raid 0 to 0+1

Thanks for the clear and concise answer :-)

The DL360 G3 has only two drives.

I guess I'll have to back it up to tape and then break the array and create a new one.

Thanks again!
Best & thanks!