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DL 360 G3 PCI Error

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DL 360 G3 PCI Error

Encountering the following message in Integrated Management Log which is causing our server to crash. The PCI riser is not populated with anything. Anyone know what the issue may be? System board? PCI riser?

Bus Error - Function: 0 Device: 5 - Bus: 0 - Slot: 0

Thanks, MT
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Re: DL 360 G3 PCI Error


update Proliant support pack(PSP) I could link the PSP but I don't know your OS. W2000? W2003?

select OS and click in link called
- Software - Support Pack -〈=en&cc=us

also update Firmware CD 8.2

and after that please in the HP tools installed run the Survey and upload the file how?

go to HP system Tools
-> Hp insight diagnostics
-> survey tab
-- View Level: Advance
-- Categories: All

you can also see in that survey this means that: 0 Device: 5 - Bus: 0 - Slot: 0

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: DL 360 G3 PCI Error

I ran the Firmware 8.2 CD and the iLo was one of the components that needed to be updated. Once complete, I rebooted and the server hung at the following error in POST

PCI Bus Parity Error PCI Slot 00

I know the above usually refers to a bad system board, so I replaced the system board and the server has been up since.
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Re: DL 360 G3 PCI Error

See above comments.