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DL 360 G4 stalls offten after upgrade to W2K3R2 ENT with /PAE.

Bradley McGuire
Occasional Visitor

DL 360 G4 stalls offten after upgrade to W2K3R2 ENT with /PAE.

Hi we have a server that is a DL 360 that has been a sold server. Then we upgraded the OS and Application so we could use the 8G of RAM in the server with the Application. We upgraded from W2K3 standard to W2K3R2 ENT I added the/PAE to the Boot.ini file. We moved from VMware 5.0 to 5.5 as the Application. No other changes have been made. The server was sold now it stalls random there are no events or logs that show what’s happening. The desktop of the server and the server just stops and every thing is stuck no communication from any of the server’s host or guest servers. The server did not blue screen just set’s there stuck till I hit the power button and restart it. The server looks to not be over worked CPU wise. Changed NIC driver to your latest for W2K3 server because the stall did happen more when we RDP to the server. But the server will stall even if we do not use RDP. We installed W2K3R2 ENT is the NIC driver good with this version of Windows server or just W2K3 STD. Have you had any issues with others to the new W2K3R2 ENT version from Microsoft running on your hardware? Can you tell me if VMware running in this configuration with /PAE has had issues for you as well? We would like to keep the new upgrades but we are starting to believe that roll back may be our best way to go. Please help and thanks.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 360 G4 stalls offten after upgrade to W2K3R2 ENT with /PAE.

VMware Release 2.5x ???
Memory all HP Branded ?
SP1 ?
x64 ? Standart ?