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DL 360 G4p Overheating issues

badescu andrei
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DL 360 G4p Overheating issues


We have a weird issue with a 360 g4p whenever the temperature rises slightly it is inclined to shut down by overheat fail-over (the only machine on the rack / row).

The server was checked and seems to have no hardware malfunctions no LEDs are on and all fans are working.

We were wondering if there is any way to change the fail-over temp threshold on which the server goes into fail-over shutdown as far as we know BIOS features allow only to turn overheat fail-over on or off.
so the million dollar question is how can we set the temp threshold for overheat shutdown ?

And does anyone know the default values ? for temp threshold ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: DL 360 G4p Overheating issues

Try upgrading firmware and checking if the heat sink has thermal grease on it.
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: DL 360 G4p Overheating issues

Hi Andrei,

The DL360G4 (and presumably the p model) has a lower thermal shutdown threshold than some of the other DL range...

When I had air conditioning problems a while back it was a DL360G4 that shut itself down first whilst others in the same rack carried on working.

Have a look at this thread:

A DL360G4 shutdown at 42C, whereas a DL360G3 in the same rack didn't shutdown until it hit 56C.

Hope this helps,


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Re: DL 360 G4p Overheating issues

There is no way to change the Temp range on those servers, try to monitor the A/C temp and the air flow in the server. Also a BIOS update will be of help in this regard.
You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!
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Re: DL 360 G4p Overheating issues

That's right you cannot change the threshhold. Consider using blanking panels in that rack or moving the server to the bottom if you haven't already -- assuming your AC source is floor vents.

Good luck!