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DL 360 G5 no video


DL 360 G5 no video



So I've read a few posts - tried the guided trouble shooting and still no luck ..... so I have a Dl 350 G5 that boots but won't give me any video out of the front or the back. 


I've pulled the controller for the MSA 60 and the MSL 2024 and no change.  I’ve yanked the memory and I’m only playing with 1 pair now but I have no way to test the two pairs I have so I’ll go buy some new stuff to be sure but I have a few questions I’m hoping you guys can answer ….


In reading the other posts …. you do have to have “some“ RAM in the server to see video right? 


Second in looking at the docs this 84/85 port is that bank of LED’s right near the CMOS battery right?  They’re all dark and happy …. That’s good thing right!?  (grin)  I will double check but if there is no lights flashing after the boot process and it settles down chances are the RAM is happy. Correct?


I was thinking -  is there a way to get in via the back door on the Lilo port?  I just started looking at the Lilo and pulled down the config utility. (SP58155)  Can I reset the server with that util? – I have also toggled switch 6 to re-set the NVRAM and no change and yes the fan work well, all of them are always at 100% all the time.




Re: DL 360 G5 no video

I apologize, that I have posted information for HP ProLiant ML350 G5 Server !!!!


Please ignore my previous post and consider this one!!


Try configuring the server with only one processor (in processor slot 1. Refer to item number 5 of figure “System board components” on page 75 of HP ProLiant DL360 G5 Server’s maintenance and service guide locatable at: ) and a pair of known working, supported, similar, memory modules in memory slots 1A and 3A (refer to the attached screenshot for more information), and removed all other components including the processor in socket 2, all other DIMMs, expansion cards, connectors to the hard drive back plane etc.


If the issue persists, then try swapping with a known working processor.


If the issue persists, and it has already been established that the monitor and the VGA cable is working, then it is possible that the VGA card on the system board may be defective and the system board may require replacement.


The pictures were taken from the Services Media Library:






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Re: DL 360 G5 no video

Hi Vijayasarathy,


Thanks for advice - I'll try that tonight. 


Can you point me to some information on understanding the port 84/85 lights ?  I'm trying to use them as well to assit with the trouble shooting but I can't find any HP documentation on the port and how to use it?


Lastly, is there a way to access the server via the Lilo port?  I have it working and it has a IP adddress from the router I have pluggged it in to so from that I think it's working since it appers to respond to pings etc - is there a way to bypass the login and password on that Lilo port or reset it using the config tool?


I have a feeling the server is booting and working correclty but since I can't get any video out of it - I can't tell.  I do know that it was managed remotely and shut down remotely before we obtained it.