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DL 360 G5P Raid question


DL 360 G5P Raid question

I am not sure if  am  tottally out to lunch on this one or not it is friday after all, We have two identical DL 360G5P both running raid 1 lets call them server A and server B (very creative i know)


The problem is Server A is running server 2008 r2 working great perfect no problems, Server B is running server 2003 and the OS is messed up on it and it needs to be rebuilt, These are citrix servers so they have a lot of tweaks done to them to make them work how the people want.


Both servers have a smart array controller and i thought i heard this was possible with these controllers.


Can i take the second drive from server A and put it into server B and have it boot up then sysprep it and have it be identical to server A and have the Raid 1 rebuild to the other drive? Will this work? I know you can move a whole array on the smart array to a new server and it will work but can you move a partial array?



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Re: DL 360 G5P Raid question


does anybody has an answer to this question?

would be very interesting for me too, because I have two identical servers ( Proliant ML 350G 5 with Raid 1, where the second one is only used, if the other fails. Would be very nice to have identical configuration and AD.





Re: DL 360 G5P Raid question

I found a doucment the other day that might help if you want to look at it as well i think it will accomplish this the other option i guess is ghost it but I know ghost and raid sometimes dont play nice together.

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Re: DL 360 G5P Raid question



The official break option mentioned in the beginning in the document (where U need a SAAP license) is only available on SAS controllers, not on SCSI controllers... And U need the license.


The manual procedure, yes it works since I did it already... Allthough know that the full process like U do it may not be officially supported but yes it worked for me... Most important is that the Raid controller firmware is the same, actually all the other firmware and drivers also...





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