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DL 360 G6, CentOS 5.1 driver

DL 360 G6, P410i driver
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DL 360 G6, CentOS 5.1 driver

I have a new G6 server with a smart Array P410i, i need to load CentOS 5.1, but this OS does not have a driver available yet. Has anybody recieved a modified driver from HP for this raid controller that works with this OS? The sofware company that we are working with stated the drive needs the ability to perform PAE ( physical address extensions ).

Keith Arnold

Re: DL 360 G6, CentOS 5.1 driver


what you could try is to log a ticket with HP support and see if they are able to ask Level2 for a beta driver for this. I am not sure if it is available/tested yet but it might be worth a try, especially since no other solutions has been offered
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Glenn Matthys
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Re: DL 360 G6, CentOS 5.1 driver


Is there a specific requirment why you need CentOS 5.1 while 5.3 is current? CentOS 5.3 should have support for the P410i and it's listed in the supported hardware paragraph @

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Re: DL 360 G6, CentOS 5.1 driver

Hey Keith,

This might come in handy for you...

PAE is a feature supported by the CPU and the OS however you can just load 64bit CentOS if what you need is lots of RAM on the server, I guess what they could mean is that some drivers have trouble when running PAE kernel, I've heard about it but never really experienced it.