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DL 360 G6 Firmware

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DL 360 G6 Firmware



Firstly, apologies if this is not the correct board for this type of question.


I have several HP DL360 G6 units. I need to confirm the firmware versions installed on them. 


what options are available to me - they're currently running Redhat 5.3. i'd like to, if possible, aviod installing any further software on them as this will be a one time identification of firmware version for future reference.



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Re: DL 360 G6 Firmware

You have several options. 2 of them are
1) using SMH (if installed) and get the versions
2) booting from SPP ISO, install current firmware to the server. Doing this ensures you have current firmware installed.

Hope this helps!

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Re: DL 360 G6 Firmware

You can use dmidecode to get the information


# dmidecode | grep -e Release -e 'Product Name' > FirmwareVersion.txt


When looking at the full output of dmidecode, If "Firmware Version" is listed under Characteristics, this is the iLO firmware version and not the System ROM firmware version.




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