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DL 360 G6

John McCulloch
Occasional Contributor

DL 360 G6

I have just revieved 4 new DL360 G6's and all of them have the same problem. When I plug in the network cable it does not click into the port and falls out again. I have tried different network cables and different cable from different manufacturers and none will stay plugged in.

It looks like the case is just to low down covering the top of the NIC port stopping the network cable to clicking into place correctly

Has anyone else heard or seen this on this model of server?

Look like I am going to have to raise a support call to HP

Manuel Boosch
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL 360 G6

Hey John,

had many dl360 g6 for some customers and still have one here. But never saw or heard of that problem. Sounds like an production failure ?

Re: DL 360 G6

I haven't seen that on my 4 new DL360 G6's, although someone in another dept. I work with had a DL380 G6 with a similar problem.

In his case, hard drives weren't hot-plugging in. We took the cover off, slightly adjusted some screws in back of the drive plan to "lower" the plugs, and then the drives popped right in.

I guess the tolerances these days are so low that even a slight offset can cause a problem. In the case of a NIC port though, I can't imagine you'd have a problem like that because if the plug went in at all, it should go all the way in unless the cable wrap was too bulky and gets hung up on the metal in back.

I assume you've checked to make sure there isn't any stray packing material jammed into the NIC port, preventing full insertion? Stranger things have happened.
Arnaud Delaloy
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL 360 G6


I had the same issue :

I received six DL360G6, whose network RJ45 sockets couldn't hold the cable latch either (yet, the cable in the ILO2 slot held fine).

I had a support case opened, and the six motherboards were changed the next day !

on the new motherboard version, the network sockets' metal casing is different, and it CAN hold a rj45 cable now...

my six servers where some early european version, all their serial numbers started with CZJ9230..

maybe it was a bad batch ?

Re: DL 360 G6

Please do feed this back to support and HP account managers to make sure they can pass back to production.
Yaseen Sajid
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL 360 G6

Hi All

We also recieved 25x DL360 G6 having same NIC problem......


Islamabad Pakistan
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL 360 G6

We received 5 DL 360 G6 with the same issue. Serial numbers begin with CZJ921.