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DL 360 G8 with Intel x710 10gbps quad port (BSOD)

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DL 360 G8 with Intel x710 10gbps quad port (BSOD)

Dear community,


I have issue with two server DL360 g8.  The issue is when using X710 10gbps intel card we get BSOD.

We have installed this card in 4x servers, and 2 out of 4 its working as it should. Two servers are going in BSOD during boot.

 We have tried changing OS (win server 2012,  2016 and 2019), all type of drivers where installed in Safe Mode, using latest BIOS, but with no luck, always BSOD  NMI_hardware_Failure.

I swapped intel X710 to some Dell server and HP Z820 workstation, and cards are ok.

I am out of options what to do. Do you have some suggestion about this issue.

regardless of outcome, thanks.


Re: DL 360 G8 with Intel x710 10gbps quad port (BSOD)

Hello Malagic,

Please try below steps

1)Remove the Intel x710 NIC card from the server and get Windows 2012/2016 installed
2)Run all windows server update
3)Install the NIC driver from Intel's site eg:--
4)Shutdown the box and enable / install the NIC card and boot
5)Verify the working functionality

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Re: DL 360 G8 with Intel x710 10gbps quad port (BSOD)

Hi there, 

Thanks for your replay. We have allready tried this but no luck.

After further investigation, our distributor delivered us Intel x710 DA4 cards but Dell OEM cards. 
They have custom firmware. 

My question now is, if we return this cards, and request Intel original cards, will they be supported on DL360 g8 ? 


best regards,