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[DL 360 Gen8] ILO 4 small issue

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Re: [DL 360 Gen8] ILO 4 small issue

Would love for someone with hands-on access to a DL380 to actually test this and reoprts how it works in the real world. I also do not have physical access to these bad buys so testing in that scenaruo would be really foolish :)


Re: [DL 360 Gen8] ILO 4 small issue

Well, I've found it, in any case anyone is interested, here it is Document ID: a00047494en_us

It explains how to simulate power cycle remotely in iLO >=  2.55. for rackmounted servers.



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Re: [DL 360 Gen8] ILO 4 small issue

I have the same issue, after upgrading to 2.61A.
I found out that when you use a Internal USB stick for like ESXi you got this message in iLO4.

what i did was shutdown the server and removed the internal USB stick after that i did the "Format Embedded Flash and reset iLO" and after a reboot i loged back in check the status and it was OK and green.
Then shutdown the server again, and place the internal USB back and i had the Warning again.

so if you have this warning check if you have a internal USB stick placed.
i think it testing the slot and when it detect the usb stick it give you this error.
"Controller firmware revision 2.10.00 Embedded media initialization failed due to media write-verify test failure "



after excuted the script up in the form, i get the followe error:

"Controller firmware revision 2.10.00 NAND read failure: Media is in a WRITE-PROTECTED state"

So i think the internal USb stick accause this issue, and for it can be ingore  :)

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Re: [DL 360 Gen8] ILO 4 small issue


It seems you got the famous "iLO Flash Error" on your system.

The only thing you can do is to update iLO firmware to version 2.62 (if I remember right) or higher. Then you login to iLO management and nvigate to iLO health/Diagnostics. There you see tha flash error again. If you click the iLO health link on the diagnostics page, a new button appears that is labelled "Format embedded flash and reset iLO". Try that....

After the iLO resets you have two possibilities.... Problem is fixed or problem consists.

If it consists, you will need a new mainboard. Except you have the skills to replace the soldered flash chip on the mainboard.

The whole problem comes from excessive writes on that flash chip from iLO or whatever else writes there. Since flash memory has a limited number of write cycles, it will die sooner or later.

On BL460 Gen9 servers, the flash chip is on a pluggable module. Unfortunately it has no spare number and can not be bought from HPE separately.

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Re: [DL 360 Gen8] ILO 4 small issue

Will formatting the card cause any loss of configuration in BIOS? I am seeing this error after updating iLO to 2.70 and these are all remote servers I don't have physical access to. I don't want to get myself into a situation I can't fix remotely.


Re: [DL 360 Gen8] ILO 4 small issue

No, you won't lose any BIOS settings, they are not stored in the NAND flash.