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DL 360 & DL 360 G

Robert F
Occasional Visitor

DL 360 & DL 360 G

I have a couple of DL 360's PIII and DL 360 G3 Xeon in a rack. I was wondering if there is a utility made by HP that can tell me how hot my servers are running. The reason I am asking is the building's air conditioning has broken down. I am wonder how long can the servers survive at a room temperature of 28.89C?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 360 & DL 360 G

If you have the ProLiant Support Pack installed, you can view the thermal sensor values and their thresholds on the System Management Homepage. If you're using HP SIM or another management package, the SMH can send an SNMP alert when a caution threshold is crossed and again when a warning threshold is crossed. If ASR is set to shutdown, a shutdown will be initiated automatically when the warning threshold is crossed to protect the system.

Additional info:

BTW, ambient operating temperature for both is 10C to 35C, so you have a few degrees to go before the cooling solution can't keep it cool anymore.