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DL 360 & RAID 1

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DL 360 & RAID 1

I have a DL 360 with 2 HD.

The first mount WIN Server 2003. The second is unformatted.

It's possible to create a RAID 1 array without format the first disk? In what way?
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Re: DL 360 & RAID 1

make image of disk on a tape ,

create new mirror erase array,
do backup to 1 disk in array it will then make the mirror so it will be on to disks..

enjoy :)

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Re: DL 360 & RAID 1

It depends your current setup.

If your current disk is running on a smart array controller, wich is most likely, in a single disk RAID 0. Then you can add the second disk to the array and migrate to a RAID 1, using the ACU (Array Configuration Utility)

How to:
1. ensure you have a good backup, just in case.
2. install the disk. You can do that hot.
3. open the ACU. You can do that on-line.
4. Select expand array.
5. Select Migrate, and select RAID 1.
6. save changes.

Note. the second disk must be minimum the same size as the first disk.

Happy New Year.

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