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DL-380 Compaq CD-ROM SN-124 Driver?

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DL-380 Compaq CD-ROM SN-124 Driver?

I have a DL-380 (G3) and thought it might be good to install the latest support pack. After updating all suggested drivers, I now have two issues... my CD-ROM is no longer recognized in Device Manager and I also have a missing driver for a 'PCI Memory Controller'. I have re-run the Support Pack with no improvement. I'm running 2k3 SP2. Any suggestions on how I should move forward? Seems like a hardware conflict might be confusing things? thank you...
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Re: DL-380 Compaq CD-ROM SN-124 Driver?

More info from PCIDatabase... my specific device seems to be...

Chip Number: 80960RP
Chip Description: i960RP Microprocessor

Not sure which driver pack is responsible for this however and since Im current with all drivers Im still thinking there is a conflict perhaps or a mis-identification going on???

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Re: DL-380 Compaq CD-ROM SN-124 Driver?

hmm jaskey ,

did you update all firmwares before using drivers , from here if not
get firmware cd rom 8.6 version boot and update all
then use the software cdrom version 8.25 in you case

all here just select your os〈=en&cc=us&submit=Go%20%C2%BB

enjoy :)

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Re: DL-380 Compaq CD-ROM SN-124 Driver?

thank you for the reply...

I asked the Smart Update Manager to include Firmware in it's search but since you mention it, I don't believe that it did anything with the firmware. I re-ran it with 'Firmware Only' checking and it found two items RAID controller was one, that needed updating.

After updating and a reboot, Im in the same place.... two items in device manager that don't have drivers installed.

Compaq CD-ROM SN-124:

PCI Memory Controller:

I ran HP Smart Update Manager 8.3...

Anyone have any thoughts???

thank you...

I downloaded and installed firmware updates for the CD-ROM from the link you provided
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Re: DL-380 Compaq CD-ROM SN-124 Driver?

I ended up solving this issue in a very long process and figured I would post the solution here for everyone and the archives...

Firstly I addressed the PCI memory controller issue.. I found the correct driver for the ILO card based upon a search for the PCI ID of the device... eventually, I discovered this driver pack

that contained the correct driver for Windows. I had to manually browse to the .inf file and then point the install to each requested file as they are spread all over the directory structure of the decompressed package.

For the CD-ROM issue. I found this posting...

Which I followed the registry instructions down farther in the post. After deleting the registry key, I 'uninstalled' the CD-ROM in the Device Manager. Then 'Scanned for Hardware Changes' and the CD-ROM came back with the correct driver. Viola!!