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DL 380 G1 Smart Array 2 problems.

Chris Lynch_2
Occasional Contributor

DL 380 G1 Smart Array 2 problems.

I have a DL 380 G1 that a DBA ran the system erase utility that was on the smartstart cd. By doing so, wipep out the array configuration. I am using a SmartStart 4.7 cd and the array configuration utility doesnt show up as an option. I downloaded a ACU utilty and ran it on the server and this is the the error I get.....

The Compag Array Configuration Utilty could not detect any Array Controllers in the system.
Posible cause for this problem includes...
-There are no array controllers installed in the system.
-The controller is improperly seated in the slot.
-The OS array controller driver is missing or was unable to detect any configured logical drives.
The controller is onboard. I believe its a Smart Array 221

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 380 G1 Smart Array 2 problems.

Hi Chris,

you have run the Erase utility while hdd are inside the server only or disconnected from server.

Where as The ProLiant DL380 comes standard with a ROC, RAID on a Chip, module. Embedded on the server's System Board is the Symbios 53C1510 chipset which is a dual channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI controller with support for ROC.

If still same position is there
disc hdd from server power down server put switch sw2 switch no 6 on then power up server
Wait for a while then make it off then power down the server and check agian does the controller is getting intilized at the post or not.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible