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DL 380 G1 Temperature Error

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Mark J. Francisco
Frequent Advisor

DL 380 G1 Temperature Error

Recieved the below error on a DL380G1. Does anyone know how to fix the issue.

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: Storage Agents

Event Category: Events

Event ID: 1219

Date: 6/12/2006

Time: 3:59:24 PM

User: N/A

Computer: MOPCITCLS05B


Storage System Temperature Status Change.

The COMPAQ PROLIANT 4L4I storage system connected to SCSI Port 1 of the controller in Slot 0 has a new temperature status of 3.

(Temperature status values: 1=other,2=ok,3=degraded,4=failed,5=notInstalled)



0000: 2e 00 20 01 00 01 01 50 .. ....P

0008: 52 4f 4c 49 41 4e 54 20 ROLIANT

0010: 34 4c 34 49 20 20 20 00 4L4I .

0018: 4a 42 32 31 00 00 00 00 JB21....

0020: 43 4f 4d 50 41 51 20 20 COMPAQ
Bruno Mesquita_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL 380 G1 Temperature Error

Do an Firmware and PSP update. Then use HP System Management Homepage to see the environment and the IML Log.

You can use this link to get it,〈=en&cc=us

You can get the Proliant Support Pack 7.51a and the Firmware Maintenance CD 7.50.


Re: DL 380 G1 Temperature Error

you also have to check the environment where the server is installed, if have the apropriate ventilation or not if that server can get a good cooling, if the A/C is power down or not.
If the upgrade of the firmware and all verifications of then environment don´t work,
you have to check all the fans.
Mark J. Francisco
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL 380 G1 Temperature Error

The area is actually well ventilated. There's only this server and another DL380 G1 in that cabinet. The rest of the dinosaurs that were in the cabinet previously have been decommisioned. We're going to go ahead update all the firmware/drivers to see if it helps. Just waiting for a window from the server owner. Will let you guys know what happens.

Thanks again!
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 380 G1 Temperature Error


Some more detail on Event :
NT Event ID: 1219 (Hex)0x843504c3 (cpqstmsg.dll)
Log Severity: Warning (2)
Event Title: Storage System Temperature Status Change.
Log Message: The %6 %7 storage system connected to %5 of the controller in%4 has a new temperature status of
SNMP Trap: cpqSs6TempStatusChange - 8030 in CPQSTSYS.MIB
Symptom: Storage System temperature status change. The agent has detected a change in the temperature status
of a storage system. The variable cpqSsBoxTempStatus indicates the current temperature status.
User Action: If the temperature status is degraded or failed, shutdown the storage system as soon as possible.
Ensure that the storage system environment is being cooled properly and that no components are overheated.
Supporting SNMP Trap Data:
â ¢ sysName
â ¢ cpqHoTrapFlags
â ¢ cpqSsBoxCntlrHwLocation
â ¢ cpqSsBoxCntlrIndex
â ¢ cpqSsBoxBusIndex
â ¢ cpqSsBoxVendor
â ¢ cpqSsBoxModel
â ¢ cpqSsBoxSerialNumber
â ¢ cpqSsBoxTempStatus
â ¢ cpqSsBoxLocationString
Supporting SNMP Trap Description: â Storage System temperature status changed to [cpqSsBoxTempStatus].â

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL 380 G1 Temperature Error


Check if all the fans are working. If all the fans are working then it is more likely to be problem with the processor heatsink or the temeperature sensors. You could try reseating the processor and check if the heatsink is fixed properly.

Mark J. Francisco
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL 380 G1 Temperature Error

After upgrading the firmware and the agents, we finally received a Zone 1 temperature error, which pointed us to the fan in the processor area. I replaced the fan on Friday, 6/30/06, and we have not received any errors since.