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DL 380 G1

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Kyle Mizell
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DL 380 G1

I bought a DL380 G1 motherboard recently, and it came bare bones, everything except the power supplies, processors, RAM, array controller, and hard drives. I added (4) - 36GB drives, onboard smart array controller, (1) - DIMM 128MB RAM ( just for testing ), (2) - 1Ghz PIII processors, (2) - 225w power supplies. The system powers up just fine, all fans, CD ROM, hard drives spool up, no red led's internally, but I don't get any video. This would lead me to believe that it is either the RAM or processors. I pulled the processor in slot 2, and switched out the 128MB stick or RAM. Didn't make any difference. I am wondering if the problem might be the processor power module. The two PPM's that I have, came with the motherboard, but I don't know if they differ based on the CPU, could this be the issue?
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Re: DL 380 G1

Hi Kyle,

Please check the server with only processor and minimum memory.

Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: DL 380 G1


Check the attached image and confirm the following leds on the same.

1 Green = Power To System
OFF = System in Standby or OFF
System Power Good

2 RED = Processor 1 Internal Error
OFF = Normal

3 RED = Processor 1 Internal Error
OFF = Normal

4 RED = Riser Card not properly seated
OFF = Normal, Riser Card properly seated.

Prashant S.
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Michael Williams_6
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Re: DL 380 G1

Can you confirm whether you have an on-board display adapter or whether you've plugged in a third part one? Additionally, can you confirm if you have installed a RIB card or not?

Our DL380 has an on-board display adapter, and I would admit if you weren't getting anything from yours, I'd pressume it was the on-board one that was faulty.

Try installing a third-part graphics card into one of the spare slots, if that works, it looks as though your internal doesn't work...