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DL 380 G3 - 1787 Slot 0 Error on HDDs !!

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DL 380 G3 - 1787 Slot 0 Error on HDDs !!

I have 2 identical DL380 G3 servers with following config:
dual 2.8GHz. processor
integrated 5i array controller
2 x 36GB U320 HDDs (RAID 1)
4 x 72GB U320(10k)HDDs (RAID 5)

In the space of 3 days, both servers showed a red-light on one of the 72GB HDDs & have started giving me the exact same errors @ POST level ("1787 Slot 0 Drive array in interim recovery mode. The following SCSI drive should be replaced .. SCSI Port 2, SCSI ID 12").

I replaced both the drives with new ones, but re-build process does not start & abv noted error continues (pls do note SCSI ID 12 should not even exist).

Any help????
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Re: DL 380 G3 - 1787 Slot 0 Error on HDDs !!

Only can think of one suggestion.

First Make sure 5i Firmware is at the latest revision. Second Remove All Hard Drives out of the server Internal and external if any. (Leave the drives in the slots, just not connnecting at all to the backplane).
Boot to Smart Start and Run System Erase.
After That connect the drives back to the backplane and let the Controller detect and intialize the RIS information from the drives and see if it claims the correct HD ID correctly now instead of "ID 12?"

Hope this Helps.