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DL 380 G3/G4 backplane

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DL 380 G3/G4 backplane

Has anyone had trouble with multiple drive failures within a few hours in a 380 G4 or G3?
all PSPs are at a respecible level. FW is up to date via FW 7.40 CD. it doesnt seem to matter what RAID level, drive size/speed or stripe size, duplex or simplex.

the drive(s) will be marked as bad until the backplane is replaced. after backplane gets swapped drives are makerd as good but it is too late for the data. Doesnt matter if simplexed or duplexed so that rules out bad termniators.

HP swears they dont have anything on paper about it but i have noticed that the replacement backplanes they send are of a different rev.

we have about 40 DL 380 G3s and G4s and have replaced 5 backplanes in the last 90 days. all servers that dump the backplane also dump the data.

Thanks in advance!
Mike Strako
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Re: DL 380 G3/G4 backplane

We had the same problem, the only resolve was to replace the backplane. Never had a problem on that server series since. Hope this helps.