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DL 380 G3 ILO start Problem

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DL 380 G3 ILO start Problem

Dear all,

we have these DL380 with this strange failure. After an power cut, we could not connect to the Ilo interface. So we went down to our room and try to start the server manually.

We pushed the button, the server starts.. but then nothing happend, no LED or picture on screen.. so we open the case and we just take a look on our hardware.
We notest that the Ilo status leds flashed strange. We disconnectet the power cable and put it back again. Now the server are running normal.

Now we shut down the server and this failure happend again. Nothing happend only the leds working.
We flashed ilo 1.94 the failure is also there...

The led status is:

X-Y X-Y bl bl 0 bl

x-y = change flickering
bl = flashing
0 = no flash

We call hp support, but they are out of answers We read the ilo ebook, there are only a few information about troubleshooting the ilo interface.

Do you have some ideas, we can fix this problem? We running out of ideas..

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 380 G3 ILO start Problem

If HP has run out of ideas, they should replace the MoBo (as the ILO is integrated).

ILO is operational before the system is powered-on, so disconnecting the power-cable is the hard-reset for the ILO.

other steps you can take:
- apart from flashing the ilo you may try to flash the MoBo.
- update the PSP : the OS-driver may not match the ILO-version
- start with ILO disconnected from the network
- reset the ILO back to factory settings.


Re: DL 380 G3 ILO start Problem

HP .. stop making virus instead of firmware!


See this:

PS: There are another thread with this problem! It's ridiculous!