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DL 380 G3 SCSI bus termination error 1776

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Joshua K. Clark
Occasional Contributor

DL 380 G3 SCSI bus termination error 1776

Hi all,

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

We just moved a Smart Array 6400 card and its StorageWorks array from one DL 380 to another. This new DL 380 is now giving some boot errors that I've attached to this thread for review. What suggestions on troubleshooting SCSI terminations can anyone provide me?

I intend to verify the SCSI cable(s) are terminated properly. I'll also be sure to confirm that the card that was moved is well seated in its slot.

What is the significance of the two SCSI cables running from the back of the 6400 card to the StorageWorks array? How do I determine which of the 4 ports on the 6400 those two SCSI cables should be plugged into?
Honored Contributor

Re: DL 380 G3 SCSI bus termination error 1776

Do you have internal disk drives connected to the internal connector of the 6400? As the error says you can NOT have internal and external drives connected on the same bus.

If you are using internal drives, you can NOT use the two external ports that are on the top of the slot cover. (top of the slot cover is where the screw is located)
Joshua K. Clark
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL 380 G3 SCSI bus termination error 1776


Thank you for the help! It was just as you and the server said.

Port A1 of the 6400 was in use on both the external and internal side. The external port A1 was tied into a StorageWorks drive array cage B. The internal A1 port was hosting the server's internal SCSI hard disk drive array.

I moved the StorageWorks cage to external port B2, and the server booted without complaint!

Thank you again, TTr.