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DL 380 G3 and two CPUs

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DL 380 G3 and two CPUs


I have an DL380G3 with one CPU. Last month I have extend the server with a second CPU and it works fine. But independently from the second CPU, the server board has a few problems, so I tried to exchange the old board with a new one. But after restarting the server with the new board, I got a few blue screens. (IRQ not Less or equal) If I start the server only with one CPU, it is running fine. I think both CPUs are ok, because the server is running with each of them. The new board must also ok, because it is the third one. Is it possible, that the CPU, which I have extend last month, hasn`t the same Stepping or build as the first one, so that they are not working together in the same server!

Is there something to know?

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Re: DL 380 G3 and two CPUs

Yes, there is this option and perhaps exactly this is the problem.

First of all - try using the CPUs seperately to be sure, that both of them work.

Second - UPDATE the bios :)
choose your OS here and DL the update

It will be good idea to check the error logs in System management homepage. There is a tab called "logs", check the IML.
It will be interesting what the error message shows.
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Re: DL 380 G3 and two CPUs


let me se

the server was working fine with the last System board and now with the new one the second (new) processor is giving issues. is it right?

try swapping processors on the slots?
try just one processor? (Mi6t0 suggestion)

the server has POST? I mean the server recognize the processors on POST?


Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: DL 380 G3 and two CPUs


I bet on Firmware update(system ROM).

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Re: DL 380 G3 and two CPUs

I bet on Windows problem.
Run the setup again, chosing Repair Installation (not repair console, but install/reinstall). Then it will basically write over all the WIndows system files and rediscover hardware.
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