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DL 380 G4 - Expand Raid 1

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DL 380 G4 - Expand Raid 1

Greetings to all

I´ve changed my raid 1 drives from 72GB to 146GB (2 HDD), i´ve remove one by one and let them rebuild, but now i´m still unable to view the new space.

My operating system is Windows 2003 with SP1

C: with OS / SQL Server 2005
D: with Databases

And i would like to expand the size of drive D:

Could anyone please tell how to do it.

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Re: DL 380 G4 - Expand Raid 1


have you checked you disk management? for unused space or unallocated space

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: DL 380 G4 - Expand Raid 1

I´ve checked that and does not appear the free space ....

Do i have to expand the array ?
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Re: DL 380 G4 - Expand Raid 1

1. Ensure you have got a good backup.

Now, that you have replaced the disks to larger disk, you have got a lot of empty space on your array.

2. Open Open ACU.
There is an option for extending the LUN

Now you have got empty space on your LUN, wich you can see in disk manager.

Now you can expand your D drive, using diskpart form the windows command prompt.