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DL 380 G4 Server

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DL 380 G4 Server

I am trying to setup the server for a group on our team. I inserted the SmartStart CD and it said that no physical drives were installed. I figured out that the Array controller had not been setup.

I selected [F8] on startup and selected create logical drive. The system reported no physical drive in system.

Here is a little info on the system. One server has six drives and it is connected to a second DL 380 G4 via a crossover cable. The second server has 5 drives starting in slot 1. Any help is appreciated. I am reading the documentation and searching the web with no luck. If someone can help me get started I would appreciate it.

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Re: DL 380 G4 Server

Hello Michael,

Incase the disks are not detected(which must be the case)reseat the scsi backplane.

1.Whats the SSCD version?
2.Are all the disks seen during POST?
3.Whats the purpose of connecting the servers via crossover prior to installation?Are you trying a Pxe boot?

If there's no requirement of connecting the servers,disconnect the lan cable.
Since you are using a SSCD,you don't have to use the F8 option.

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Re: DL 380 G4 Server

Hello Michael, what is the purpose of having the servers connected via LAN during the server's set up?

Now make sure you are using SSCD 7.50, and make sure the boot controller order is set correctly, you can go there by pressing F9, the 6i controller should be set as primary boot order.

Then there's no need to go trough F8 if you are using SSCD, if what you are trying to do is to migrate the installation from 1 server to another, SSCD is useless, or in other case if you are trying to do a Ghost SSCD is useless as well, for those purposes you can you Phisical to Proliant.

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Re: DL 380 G4 Server

I had that once before - check the SCSI
backplane for a terminator !!!!
It's got a clear plastic casing and yu can't
miss it.
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Tarek Kawach
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Re: DL 380 G4 Server

Hi Hall:

as John Said; it if the 6i controller F8 dosenot see any physical drives ; the possible terminator issue; or the drives are not connected to that controller.

- do you have another controller in the server - scsi backplane could be configured 4 or 6 different ways depending what scsi backplane came with the server.

- simplex/duplex - pci and or emedded.

Check to make sure that scsi backplane cabling and terminator is setup correctly.

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Re: DL 380 G4 Server


I have even seen this when the Boot controller order is not set to the correct controller. Go to the RBSU on boot (F9) and set the BOOT controller order (not the standard boot order) for the Controller your drives are connected to.