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DL 380 G4 Smart Array 6i Controller

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DL 380 G4 Smart Array 6i Controller

Hello all. I have a problem. I have Raid 5 with four disks. One disk had break and I tried to replace it hot plug-in, but new disk did not add to raid (he has replacement status). Raid has status - waiting to rebuild, but nothing happened. I can not find function “rebuild” raid. How can I do rebuild of my raid?
need help

Thank You
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Re: DL 380 G4 Smart Array 6i Controller

There seem to be som problems with older FW on the genaration 6 Smart Array, wich assign wrong ID for some of the disks.

There's only 2 solutions.

1. Add a sparedisk, and user that forever.

2. delete the RAID and rebouild from scratch.

You must upgrade FW, anyway.