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DL 380 G4 smart array controller 6i

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DL 380 G4 smart array controller 6i


since having a new ProLiant DL 380 G4 with BIOS from 10.10.2005 I cannot connect a SDLT Tape Drive on the extern connector of the raid controller without having the following problem.

when trying to boot the server after the connection of the SDLT Tape Drive all hard disk drives are disconnected and the server cannot boot further.
I have round about 20 of these DL 380 G4 in our company but all with a older BIOS Firmware and having no problems with SDLT Tape Drives on the Raid Controller.
HP said it is supported having single tape drives on that raid controller.

Do anybody knows wheater it is the newest BIOS Firmware that makes such problems ??
I cant downgrade my BIOS Firmware to an older version. I have tried this but without success.

So I have do buy separate SCSI Controllers for these new DL 380 G4 to handle a SDLT Tape Drive without Problems.

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Steven Clementi
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Re: DL 380 G4 smart array controller 6i

Though "supported", it is propably better that you have the separate SCSI controller for the Tape Drive any way. The performance of the SDLT drive on the Array Controller is usually bad, really bad compared to being connected via a separate SCSI controller.

I can not speak of the BIOS since I am not in the know of the specific issues, but I would expect that the "system" bios would not effect the Array Controller. I could be wrong though. The Smart Array has it's own BIOS as well. Perhaps you need to check it and upgrade.

Steven Clementi
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